Waze on Carplay

Waze, coming on the Carplay technology has proved to be effective because 91% of Carplay users have installed this application.

Police alerts, accident, traffic jams, radars,… This application is actually complete because behind it, Google Maps manages, yes, the American giant is everywhere.

Audi, BMW, Mercedes or even Porsche users with or without origin GPS will be delighted to receive this “miracle” solution which is entirely dynamic, having traffic and alerts in real time. Car brands don’t develop powerful GPS systems like WAZE, and you always have to pay for updates which represent a real cost (example: 399$ USD 2019 Europe card on a 2016 Audi A6).

In order to benefit from Waze on your Carplay system, you must already have it on your iphone, the application will be instantly transferred to your car’s carplay.

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