Install a rear view camera with Video Interface

Whether you are a young or experienced driver, you always have difficulties to park or to have a general view during your trips. You should know that this article is directly intended for you. We’ll look at several reasons to invest in a rearview camera and how to install it to take advantage of it.


The purpose of a rearview camera is to facilitate parking and backing up by providing a rear view on a vehicle screen.

Detailed benefits include:

  • Improved safety: The rearview camera provides a better view of what’s behind the vehicle, which can reduce the risk of accidents when parking and backing up.
  • Comfort and convenience: The rearview camera provides a clearer and more complete view of the rear of the vehicle, which can help the driver better manage obstacles and perform parking maneuvers more easily.
  • Saves time: Backup cameras can help save time by making parking maneuvers easier and reducing the need to bend over to see what’s going on behind the vehicle.
  • Improved aesthetics: Modern rearview cameras are often unobtrusive and can improve the overall appearance of the vehicle.

There are several types of rearview cameras, including:

  • Wired: the most common type of rearview camera.
  • Wireless: wireless technology to transmit the image to a screen mounted in the vehicle. For information, we do not recommend this technology at this time.
  • Night vision: equipped with infrared LEDs to allow clear vision.
  • Waterproof: can be used in harsh weather conditions.
  • Wide angle of view: offers a wider angle of view.


  • Use the camera interface , Car camera interfaces provide interfaces for external audio & video sources like navigation, front/rear view cameras, screen mirroring adapter, digital TV tuner, etc. display on factory color screen. With a plug & play installation solution, all the original functions are still being maintained.

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