New Mercedes EQV Carplay

Using Apple CarPlay in the new Mercedes EQV is a very convenient feature for drivers. It allows you to easily access your phone’s apps right on the car’s screen. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to use Apple CarPlay in the new Mercedes EQV.


The Mercedes EQV is a premium electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. It is designed to provide an exceptional driving experience while being environmentally friendly. The EQV is equipped with a powerful electric motor and high-capacity batteries that offer a range of over 400 km.

The EQV is also equipped with a number of innovative features, such as voice control and Apple CarPlay integration, that allow drivers to stay connected while remaining focused on the road. The vehicle also features a large touchscreen display that provides easy access to all vehicle functions.

In terms of design, the EQV is sleek and modern. The interior of the Mercedes EQV offers a huge amount of space where you can be comfortable while having a lot of people. The vehicle is also equipped with many advanced safety features, such as emergency brake assist and blind spot monitoring system.

The Mercedes EQV is an ideal choice for drivers looking for a high-quality electric vehicle with great range and advanced features. It is designed to provide a pleasant and comfortable driving experience, while being environmentally friendly.


First of all, it should be noted that in order to use CarPlay in your car, you need to have an iPhone that is compatible with the feature and an up-to-date version of iOS. If your iPhone is compatible with CarPlay, you can connect it to your Mercedes EQV using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Once you are connected to CarPlay, you can use the apps directly on the car’s screen. CarPlay apps are designed to be used safely while driving. For example, the app interface is simplified to allow for quick and easy use.

You can access different apps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Apple Music and many more. Navigation apps let you get real-time directions to guide you along your journey. Music apps allow you to listen to your favorite songs while driving.

To use the apps, you can use voice commands, steering wheel buttons or the car’s touch screen. For example, if you want to listen to a song on Spotify, you can simply ask Siri to play the song or use the buttons on the steering wheel to move to the next song.

Using CarPlay in the new Mercedes EQV provides an exceptional driving experience. With Siri’s voice command functionality, you can stay focused on the road while staying connected to your phone. You can also access your favorite apps directly from the car’s screen, allowing you to stay focused on the road without having to search for your phone.

All in all, using CarPlay in the new Mercedes EQV is a feature that greatly enhances the driving experience. It gives drivers easy and safe access to their phone’s apps, while allowing them to stay focused on the road.

If you’re looking for a car that offers superior connectivity and driving experience, the new Mercedes EQV is definitely an option to consider.

Don’t hesitate to ask one of our advisors directly if you want to install a Mercedes EQV Carplay or if you already have the original Carplay, you might want to use Youtube, Netflix and many other applications directly on your original touch screen!

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