BMW interface is designed for select car OEM infotainment system (head unit & color display) to get smart-phone connectivity functions like wired / wireless Apple CarPlay, wired / wireless Android Auto, screen mirroring (Airplay & Android Autolink), etc. With this powerful all in one integration, whether you are driving a long or short distance, they can meet your needs for various apps.

  • Core Functions: 
  • Apple CarPlay (wireless + wired)
  • Android Auto (wireless + wired)
  • iOS AirPlay (wireless screen mirror for iOS)
  • Android Autolink (wired screen mirror for Android)
  • Front & rear view camera in (PAL + NTSC)
  • HDMI in (720P)
  • USB multimedia playback (Lossless audio & FHD 1080P video)
  1. Hardware highlights:
  2. High performance in vehicle SOC-SUNPLUS SPHE8368. With this, the interface gets faster, high definition display, vivid audio, etc.
  3. Four layer stackup on-board design, a better anti-jamming property and heat dissipation.
  4. Automotive-grade connectors and harness.
  5. Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 chipset, faster and stable.
  6. All kinds of anti-short circuit wire coverings protection.
  7. 100% plug & play design for easy installation.
  1. Software highlights: 
  2. Auto switch CarPlay appearance depending on car headlights.
  3. Adjustable WiFi channel for a better wireless experience.
  4. High performance audio with wide range equalizer.
  5. Multiple adjustable volumes.
  6. Adjustable microphone settings including microphone volume, echo canceling, sensitivity, etc.
  7. Support using factory microphone, also add-on MIC.
  8. Adjustable parking guideline.
  9. Multiple methods for display front camera.
  10. Press & hold 1 button for quick restart.
  11. Easy software update via USB extension, not require to remove OEM radio again.
  12. Visual settings user interface and easy to use.

NOTE!  The compatibility list is provided for reference only. The model years may slightly differ depending on the different territories. Please double check with our sales manager before ordering.
* This interface only works for 100% OEM head unit and OEM screen. Please DO NOT install on any aftermarket infotainment or non-OEM infotainment system.