Activate the AUX function on AUDI

Many owners of Audi premium vehicles have a lot of options, but oddly enough sometimes primary functions such as the AUX or Jack media function are not part of the package.

Why is the AUX function important?

In your MMI, you are in the MEDIA or SOURCE part, you only see CD/DVD, Bluetooth, SD1, SD2, Jukebox, friend… but not AUX.

In fact, the AUX function is an Auxiliary function, so everyone thinks of the very famous jack cable, but it’s not only that. The Auxiliary function, as its name indicates, is an auxiliary accessory, it’s the one that will allow the correct acquisition of the audio signal in case of installation of an accessory or auxiliary device, such as for example the addition of a Carplay.

3 Solutions:

a) AMI function

You own an Audi that’s quite complete in terms of options and you see the AMI function. AMI is a multimedia jack that is either in the armrest or in the glove compartment.

prise ami audi

If you have this plug, then it is very simple to get the AUX function with an Auxiliary AMI cable.

Just plug it into this socket, you will then see on the MMI screen: AUX.
You will then have to select this source if you want the Carplay sound. If you want to listen to the sound of the radio or SD card for example, then simply switch to another audio source.

b) With the diagnosis device/case

Either at the dealership or through an independent intermediary equipped with the diagnostic case, for example VCDS.

The diagnostics is only used here to activate the engineer screen, development screen, hidden screen or even green screen.

In order to do so, it will be necessary to go as follows in:

Function 5F (Information electronics) then in 10 – Adaptation and finally in channel 6 set the value 1. Save and exit the program.

Now press CAR and SETUP at the same time to display the green menu.

menu vert audi

Then go to Diagnose – Settings – AUX IN.

That’s it, you can exit this screen, you can finally see the AUX function in SOURCES.

c) Thanks to a CD

Actually, this is like diagnostics but without the diagnostic device. (see part diag). We will have to activate the hidden function, the famous green menu to be able to activate the auxiliary function but there thanks to a CD that you can find on the internet. It will always be cheaper than buying the diagnostic device or going to a dealership.

As seen previously, you will now have to press the CAR and SETUP buttons simultaneously to display the green menu.

Then go to Diagnose – Settings – AUX IN.

It’s done, to exit the green menu, you have to restart your MMI by pressing at the same time:

redémarrage audi

Once the AUX function is activated, enjoy your Carplay Audi to the fullest.

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